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VIMARSH 2018 - An Introduction

An Introduction
Ideas create companies. People sustain them.
 It is said that any company worth its salt is as good as the people it employs. However, in the hypercompetitive and disruption-prone business environment of this day and age, the success of a company is further determined by how well it manages its talent. The Holy Grail of corporate competitiveness today lies in the work of recognizing, acquiring and retaining talent, something which would prove to be an impossible task without accomplished and adept Human Resource Managers. In recognition of these talented people who make companies human, Department of Industrial and Management Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur is proud to host its Annual HR Conclave “Vimarsh” this March.
A confluence of who’s who of the industry, Vimarsh, in its first iteration will play host to HR Managers from a variety of industrial backgrounds to share their views and insights with the attendees at IIT Kanpur Campus. With rapid evolution in the industry in past several decades, the perception of HR roles has evolved from being purely qualitative to that of a quantitative one. HR fields have expanded with time, embracing technologies to encapsulate day-to-day activities of recruiting, staffing, skilling and performance reviews. In cognizance of the such emerging technologies which have proven to be disruptive to the fundamental nature of Human Resource Management itself (such as Real-Time Engagement Evaluation, People Analytics, newer and smarter methods for talent acquisition, and Accelerated Automated HR through the use of Artificial Intelligence), Vimarsh would serve as a forum for discourse and sharing of ideas, insights and experiences among the speakers and the attendees.
From adapting HR practices towards changing technologies, development of Next Gen Workforce, real world impact of evolving Technologies on different sectors and industries and the future outlook of the direction where this evolution is moving towards, the participants would be able to hear personal and professional viewpoints from some of the top Human Resource Personnel in the country, hailing from a variety of backgrounds. Some of the attending dignitaries include:

-         Mr. Sai Chandran (Director, Talent, OD and Culture at Sapient Corporation) : Mr Chandran is currently director, Talent, OD and Culture at Sapient Corporation. An industry veteran, he possesses 20 years of multi-industry experience, with more than 12 years in leadership roles. Prior to his current role at Sapient, Mr Chandran has worked with Vodafone Shared Services India in various roles such as Head, Talent Development & Engagement, Head HR Business Partner - Financial Shared Services and as Head - Service Delivery, Operations Control & Strategic Projects and at TATA AIG as Head, Learning and Development.

-         Mr. Unmesh Pawar (Global Managing Director Human Resources, Accenture)Mr Pawar is currently the Global HR Head for Accenture’s Products Operating Group. Prior to his current role, Unmesh had overall responsibility for designing and deploying Accenture’s Talent Acquisition Strategy to meet the talent growth needs for all businesses globally across the 59 countries. He has also served as Managing Director— HR for the Accenture Operations growth platform. Furthermore, he was a part of the core leadership team at Accenture enabling the startup and expansion of the off- shoring journey in India.

-         Aniruddha Khekale (Human Resource Director, India, Emerson Automation Solutions): Currently overseeing strategic oversight for Human Resources for Emerson Automation Solutions Group in India, Mr Aniruddha holds 24 years of experience at Leadership Positions for Large and Medium Multinational and Indian Organizations.

-         Mrs. Poonam Tharad (Head and Co-Founder at PalmLeaf, Mahindra Comviva): Mrs Poonam Tharad is currently the Head at PalmLeaf, Mahindra Comviva. Prior to this, she has fulfilled the roles of AVP-HR and GM-HR at Mahindra Comviva, and she hails from a Finance and Telecom sector background.

Promising to live upto its name, Vimarsh would be a congregating point to some intensely insightful discussions and debates among the visiting dignitaries and attending students. It is scheduled to be held at the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur on March 24, 2018.


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