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Seminar in news:

Indians solving India’s problem :  Dr. S. Sadagopan (Director IIIT-B, Ex Faculty: IIM-B, IIT-K, PhD-Purdue University, USA, Interest: SCM, OR, Decision Tech, ERP, E-Governance, Multimedia) With that note and initial thought Dr. Sadagopan started delivering his ideas in a mesmerizing way. With a profile and educational background to be envy of the very cheerful professor shared with us the common thoughts of Indianizing IT related services for exploring unexplored opportunities in service sector. The session was titled as “What unites RedBus, Ola, Flipkart”  and using the catchy new generation thoughts professor Sadagopan has clearly expressed that how these companies have started using Information technology to explore some potential market in a very judicious way. “The Cool companies” are really using IT as their backbone but delivering something that is not at all related to IT. He even proposed some of the very contemporary concepts like 3-D printing, Consumer robot

MBA-IIT Kanpur , Redefined according to the need of the time:

The MBA Program offered under The Department of Industrial & Management Engineering (IME), IIT Kanpur is kind of a unique in its own sense in various aspects and perspectives. Since inception, it  has gone through many changes and up gradation depending on changing needs of the society and industries but always keeping in mind  the ultimate vision of “ Transforming today's professionals in technology into tomorrow's world class leaders ”. With the tremendous help of faculties of top-notch qualifications & backgrounds, the emphasis of MBA at IIT Kanpur is to nurture the leaders who dare to unlearn and relearn in the dynamic world of business". Following are some of the new changes that took place this year (2015) only to keep the program more industry friendly and to keep track with the changing needs of time. i.                     Batch Profile: Complete batch comprises of engineers with a very decent average work experience. Now, the next year  onward
Dear our valued ambassadors The PR team of IIT Kanpur MBA is delighted to introduce to you the new batch of MBA 2015-17 , the one with diversity, talent and distinction.  As you have spent a few years close to this institute it's always a privilege to learn about your achievements, and success stories and to follow in your foot steps. And the new batch of IIT Kanpur MBA with a promise to carry forward your legacy is ready to flap their wings, to chase dreams fearlessly and to fuel the spark in them. "Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success- Henry Ford. So get up, dress up, show up and Never ever give up..." The umbrella of your support, mentoring and guidance is a paramount in their journey that begins here :) "Na Puchho Ke Meri Manjil Kaha Hai Abhi To Safar Ka Irada Kiya Hai Na Haroonga Hosla Umar Bhar Ye Mene Kisi se nahi khud se vadha kiya hai" Cheers!! PR Team IIT Kanpur MBA