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GI Barometer: A commentary on macro-economic situation across global Industries

The speaker for the seminar was Satish Rajarathnam, HRBP of Cognizant. The topic for seminar was divided into three heads: Region wise analysis of the world, Political risk at present and vertical view of the financial services. Discussion started with the analysis of the economic condition of various region of the world (US, Euro, UK, Asia). Thereafter, the focus of discussion shifted to contemporary political risks (for example: Brexit, US-China trade war) occurring due to the changing economic condition in various regions and its impact on the Indian economy. Later, there was a brief discussion about various financial services and how they are impacting global economy.
Speaker also enlightened us about the three types of disruptions that are essential for the overall development of a company. The three disruptions are as follows: Business Model Disruption, Operating Model Disruption and Technology Model Disruption.
Learning: A company must cause disruption in all the aforementioned di…

Inauguration Session - Prabandhan'18

28th September'18 marked the initiation of the 7th edition of Prabandhan, annual management conclave of DIME, IIT Kanpur, presented by Maruti Suzuki- Way of Life. The opening ceremony began with insightful words by Dr, Amit Shukla, faculty coordinator for Prabandhan, followed by a short address by Dr Deblina Chatterjee.
This event was marked by the presence of Dr Tapan Sahoo, Senior Vice President (Engineering, Design, R&D), Maruti Suzuki- Way of Life. He shared his perceptive thoughts on "Sustainability and Innovation: An auto industry Perspective". His thoughts VUCA world struck a chord with students which shows two sides of the same coin - "Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity" or "Vision, Understanding, Clarity, Agility". He shed light on various core values and core philosophy that act as a pillar for sustainability in the automobile industry, notable ones being, customer obsession, innovation, networking and learning. One has to b…

TIPS FROM TOP: "ON-SITE MARKETING" by Mr. Advit Sahdev, Head of Marketing,

The Department of Industrial Management and Engineering hosted Mr. Advit Sahdev, Head of Marketing in, Indian E-commerce retail portal for a corporate seminar on 8 September’18 on ‘Invisible Marketing.’
The seminar mainly focused on the scope of marketing in the online world and how different experiments can help in boosting sales of a product. Mr. Advit Sahdev suggested various techniques, tried and tested in the online marketing world that bore fruits for the e-commerce companies.
The main focus of this domain is, firstly, to bring the customer to the site and secondly, to convert the customer into a buyer and further into a loyal customer. 
Real-time data analysis is used to attract customer to the site. Analyzing Google search and browsing history in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is particularly helpful in assessing age, behaviour, and mood of the prospective buyer. The essence of the assessment is to categorize the customer into detail or aesthetic …

The 2018-20 batch, an initiation!

Time to take a plunge –  2018-2020Batch

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
                                                                                            – Lao Tzu.

The energy of the Indian subcontinent unified at the gates of IIT Kanpur when we started our much- awaited journey of MBA. The pre-assignments and admission process gave us a much-needed glimpse of life ahead of us. With all glittering hopes, we, the 54 minds embarked on an endeavour to achieve our dreams and here we are, introducing our remarkable 2018-2020 batch with immense pride and responsibility wearing the badge of IIT Kanpur.

For most of us, who have prior work experience, it is a back to school time and for the rest, it is an aspired path by choice, now that we are in our new home, it is time for us to build an everlasting relationship with our peers and let the world know about us. With the get-up-and-go attitude, the diversity of the 2018-2020 batch is one of a kind with studen…

TIPS FROM TOP : 'ETFs & SUSTAINABLE INVESTING' by Mr. Sivananth Ramachandran, Director, Morningstar Indexes

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life – Henry David Thoreau
The role of money is very important in today’s world.  Majority of the people do not have adequate money at the right time when they require it the most. To hedge this unpredictability, one must learn how to invest smartly. Most of the people invest in the mutual funds but with time there are many other investment products prevailing in the market gaining people’s attention.
The Students of IIT Kanpur were fortunate enough to get a chance to learn about other investment options specifically Exchange Traded funds when DIME IIT Kanpur hosted Mr. Sivananth Ramachandran, Director of Morningstar Indexes under its Corporate Seminar series on 11th August 2018.  Mr. Sivananth is an IIM Lucknow pass out and has over 11 years of experience in the investment industry. He mainly deals in new products development at Morningstar. Mr. Sivananth in his session explained about Exchange-Traded Fund, which is a hybrid investment product.…

TIPS FROM TOP: ‘HR FOR PASSION AND DISPASSION’ by Aniruddha Khekale, Group Human Resource Director, Emerson Automation Solutions India

‘HR for Passion and Dispassion’.
The Department of Industrial and Management engineering hosted Mr. Aniruddha Khekale, Group Human Resource Director, Emerson Automation Solutions India for a corporate seminar on 4th of August. It was an engaging session on the topic, 'HR for Passion and Dispassion'

The seminar commenced with Mr. Khekale giving us a glimpse of Emerson Automation Solutions and its journey from a start-up in mass production to building Emerson platforms, going global. He began a further discourse  on the topic with a picture of a pulse signifying upward slope as passion and downward as dispassion. Passion and dispassion is defined by business driver however compassion is a human element that we can choose to deal with them. This compassion comes from organization’s values and culture. The speaker asked us for our views on the roles and functions of various facets of a CEO, a COO and a CHRO, what we would expect a CHROs contribution to the company and its deci…

Life @ IITK: Impressions 2018 Event Report