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IIT Kanpur win medals in air rifle shooting competitions

We feel proud to announce that three of IIT Kanpur MBA students won medals at Kanpur district AIR RIFLE SHOOTING CHAMPIONSHIP. Soumya Sajwan won gold medal in women’s category while in men’s category, Manpreet Singh and Utkarsh Maurya won silver and bronze medals respectively. In addition to them, Himanshu Negi also qualified for the state championship. These students were also a part of the six-member team which represented IIT Kanpur at the 38th UP State shooting championship held in Delhi.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” - Benjamin Franklin

The above words very well define the learning methodology practiced at IIT Kanpur, where the transfer of knowledge is emphasized through “Involvement”. The MBA department at IITK is well known for realizing and meeting the corporate world’s requirement for Techno-Managerial skill sets. And the learning experience can be judged by the presence of erudite professors. But its not only education which ties students to the teachers, the department enjoys a strong overall bond among its members. And to strengthen this bond the students organize a cultural night “Vihangam” in the summer term every year where all the members (students, professors and supporting staff) participate in rejuvenating performances followed by informal dinner treat.  The night hosted casio performance, mimicry show, open house quiz and many solo/group dance and music performances, but the most happening performance of t…

IIT Kanpur team Versacorp wins at IIM Indore Marketing event....

We say Heartiest Congratulations to team VERSACORP . . MBA , IIT Kanpur , Batch of 2015-17 for becoming the national champion of Gordion Knot, the flagship business event of IRIS-2015 , IIM Indore . . Cheers fellows for raising our flag high . . You people made us proud . .

Congratulations Shreyansh, Abhas and Parmanand :)

IIT Kanpur team Delphi wins at IMT flagship event...

Heartiest Congrats to team Delphi, MBA , IIT Kanpur, 2015-17 for becoming runner up in 3 Marketeers , the flagship event of IMT Ghaziabad Business fest Passion 2015 IMTG Passion .. Cheers for raising our name on top !!

Congratulations Shreyansh, Somya and Arunangshu :)

Six Sigma Certification by KPMG

The 4 day six sigma training certification program by Mr Vaibhav Agrawal of KPMG holding a six sigma Black Belt saw a lot of participation from both first and second year MBA students.
The 6 sigma green belt certification training deals with making an individual well verse in Lean Six Sigma Methodology which possesses a thorough understanding of all the aspects of DMAIC i.e. Design, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control as well as the tools that are necessary for implementing DMAIC improvement projects.
From giving a brief about importance of quality in all types of industries to the origination of six sigma ,its meaning and different criterion and ways of achieving six sigma qualities, the 4 day seminar not only covered the theoretical aspects but also its practical implementation through group activities and interesting tasks to ensure learning and knowledge retention. Training material was supplied in hard copy format.
The 4 day training program gave the students an overall pict…

PRABANDHAN 2015 )_ The Snapshot

PRABANDHAN – 2015 : The Snap shot Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. -Henry Ford As we witnessed the beginning of the Fifth Edition of the Annual Management Fest of IIT Kanpur“Prabandhan’15”, the same vision got reflected in the Welcome speech from Dr. Rahul Varman, Head of the Department, who emphasized on the futuristic approach to address the long term objectives and overcome the possible impediments pertaining to the global Business community. Professor in his speech highlighted some of the basic problems of industry starting from the resource crunch to increase in frauds and scams across the globe impacting the growth and questioning the sustainability of moral and ethical structure prevailing today. He appealed to the budding managers to come out with their out-of-the-box ideas and activities so as to play a major role in mitigating these concerns and answering the long pending questions, where industry is struggling to fin…

Tourepedia: A IIT Kanpur based startup that looks to redefine the tourism industry

Meet Anand Singh Shekhawat, student founder and CEO of Tourepedia, an experience and activity based planning cum booking company. Founded by Anand and his friends Sudhir, Rajat Sharma and Rohit Maurya their company is completely driven by the words, “Experience Matters”. This start-up looks to storm the tourism industry with their customizable tours and client focused approach.

Hi Anand! Tell us about Tourepedia.
In one line it is an experience based tour planning site primarily aimed at the youth. Trip planning Is a crucial part of tourism. People are always concerned about the travel tickets and hotel booking, they don’t spend much time on planning the trip. We are basically trying to provide this service in a planned professional way to the customer.

Sounds great! So, how is Tourepedia different from its competitors?
I had observed this market closely for one year and found that the conventional trips do not focus on new activities and experiences that might make the travel experien…


Guru Brahma Gurur Vishnu
Guru Devo Maheshwaraha
Guru Saakshat Para Brahma
Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha

yu to badalte waqt ne badal di he guru ki paribhasha par guru ka sthar aaj bhi sbse pehle he aata kyuki ishwar ne to hume insan banaya par guru ne hume accha insan banna sikhaya waqt ki is kagar pe aaj hum kch ese hen khade  ki jinhone hume sikhaya apne pero par khade hona kis tarah shukriya ada kar paenge hum unka! jeevan ke har us mod par rahe hum par apka saya yahi he bus humari kamna :)
Happy teachers day to all the wonderful teachers of IIT Kanpur from all the students who have been bestowed by your knowledge and blessings.

Bhavna Uttamchandani

Bandhan: The saga of a MFI to full-fledged bank

- Sourav Ghosh, MBA 2015-17
Chandra Sekhar Ghosh—a social entrepreneur has been paid off for his glorious vision. A person with ordinary background but extraordinary willingness- started his journey with two colleagues Fatik Bera & Partha Samanta in 2001,  for the unorganized women in rural unbanked areas with only 2 lakh rupees as cash, in West Bengal.  Their venture, a NGO named Bandhan was following a typical business model that was successfully established in Bangladesh, named Grameen Bank, brainchild of later Noble laureate Muhammad Yunus. The key essence of this business model is on micro credit system which emphasizes about the effect of very small amount of loan towards the sustainable growth of poor rural people who are unable to avail the banking system. Rural people who are in the business of selling vegetables, making small furniture  from bamboo, designing in sari, fishing etc—they actually need small amount of money to initiate the business . However, people face pro…

Seminar in news:

Indians solving India’s problem:  Dr. S. Sadagopan (Director IIIT-B, Ex Faculty: IIM-B, IIT-K, PhD-Purdue University, USA, Interest: SCM, OR, Decision Tech, ERP, E-Governance, Multimedia)
With that note and initial thought Dr. Sadagopan started delivering his ideas in a mesmerizing way. With a profile and educational background to be envy of the very cheerful professor shared with us the common thoughts of Indianizing IT related services for exploring unexplored opportunities in service sector. The session was titled as “What unites RedBus, Ola, Flipkart”  and using the catchy new generation thoughts professor Sadagopan has clearly expressed that how these companies have started using Information technology to explore some potential market in a very judicious way.
“The Cool companies” are really using IT as their backbone but delivering something that is not at all related to IT. He even proposed some of the very contemporary concepts like 3-D printing, Consumer robotics; UAVs etc whic…

MBA-IIT Kanpur , Redefined according to the need of the time:

The MBA Program offered under The Department of Industrial & Management Engineering (IME), IIT Kanpur is kind of a unique in its own sense in various aspects and perspectives. Since inception, it  has gone through many changes and up gradation depending on changing needs of the society and industries but always keeping in mind  the ultimate vision of “Transforming today's professionals in technology into tomorrow's world class leaders”. With the tremendous help of faculties of top-notch qualifications & backgrounds, the emphasis of MBA at IIT Kanpur is to nurture the leaders who dare to unlearn and relearn in the dynamic world of business". Following are some of the new changes that took place this year (2015) only to keep the program more industry friendly and to keep track with the changing needs of time. i.Batch Profile: Complete batch comprises of engineers with a very decent average work experience. Now, the next year onward IIT-Kanpur has decided to open the…