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TIPS FROM TOP : 'ETFs & SUSTAINABLE INVESTING' by Mr. Sivananth Ramachandran, Director, Morningstar Indexes

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life – Henry David Thoreau The role of money is very important in today’s world.  Majority of the people do not have adequate money at the right time when they require it the most. To hedge this unpredictability, one must learn how to invest smartly. Most of the people invest in the mutual funds but with time there are many other investment products prevailing in the market gaining people’s attention. The Students of IIT Kanpur were fortunate enough to get a chance to learn about other investment options specifically Exchange Traded funds when DIME IIT Kanpur hosted Mr. Sivananth Ramachandran, Director of Morningstar Indexes under its Corporate Seminar series on 11th August 2018.  Mr. Sivananth is an IIM Lucknow pass out and has over 11 years of experience in the investment industry. He mainly deals in new products development at Morningstar. Mr. Sivananth in his session explained about Exchange-Traded Fund, which is a hybrid invest

TIPS FROM TOP: ‘HR FOR PASSION AND DISPASSION’ by Aniruddha Khekale, Group Human Resource Director, Emerson Automation Solutions India

‘HR for Passion and Dispassion’. The Department of Industrial and Management engineering hosted Mr. Aniruddha Khekale, Group Human Resource Director, Emerson Automation Solutions India for a corporate seminar on 4 th  of August. It was an engaging session on the topic, 'HR for Passion and Dispassion'   The seminar commenced with Mr. Khekale giving us a glimpse of Emerson Automation Solutions and its journey from a start-up in mass production to building Emerson platforms, going global. He began a further discourse  on the topic with a picture of a pulse signifying upward slope as passion and downward as dispassion. Passion and dispassion is defined by business driver however compassion is a human element that we can choose to deal with them. This compassion comes from organization’s values and culture. The speaker asked us for our views on the roles and functions of various facets of a CEO, a COO and a CHRO, what we would expect a CHROs contribution to