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The Department of Industrial Management and Engineering, IIT Kanpur played host to one of the most ambitious public events in the department’s recent history in the 6 th edition of Prabandhan, its management conclave, organized by the resident MBA students in association with Uttar Pradesh Tourism and Business Standard. The course of these three days, saw seamless execution of a well-planned extravaganza in a motley of various elements. Pitting the best among 4560 students from 46 premier business institutes against each other, it provided opportunities for embodiment and on-field application of theories and models from academia. It served as the platform for three days of complete co-creation and ideation among leading experts in respective fields to the aspiring managers, and was absolutely prismatic in its coverage of all industries and a bountiful spread of management sciences including Marketing, Analytics, Finance, Operations to Human Resources and Corporate Strategy.

TIPS FROM TOP - “US Healthcare Industry” by Mr. Ashish Chandra, Associate Director, United Health Group

On Saturday, 7 th October, 2017, the Industrial and Management Engineering department of IIT Kanpur had the opportunity to host a very insightful and informative seminar by Mr. Ashish Chandra on “Healthcare Systems and Analytics”. The seminar commenced with Mr. Chandra introducing himself. An alumnus of IIT Kanpur, Mr. Chandra has worked in various top tiered Pharma and Healthcare companies, and has 12 years of experience as a decision scientist. Currently, he is the Associate Director of United Health Group, prior to which he had worked for seven and half years in Market RX. Mr. Ashish started the seminar by talking about what is healthcare. Then he explained the various models in healthcare provision: National Health Services - Beveridge Model, Social Health Insurance - Bismarck Model, Community Based Health Insurance, Voluntary Health Insurance, and ‘Out of pocket Payments’. In each of the models he talked about the revenue sources, groups covered, pooling organizatio

Tips from Top – "Taming Technology for New Age Brand Marketing”. Mr. Rahul Khurana, Client Servicing Director, Geometry Global

This Sunday, was anything but a usual day at IIT Kanpur. The ever enthusiastic students of the MBA course, learnt some clever ways of how brands are leveraging technology to create enduring connections with consumers.  Rahul Khurana, CSD, Geometry Global took an insightful session on 'Experiential Marketing' showcasing some of the best and award winning work and some compelling case studies. He highlighted how consumer experience is set to redefine marketing and the way we have moved from mere encounters to transforming engagements worth leaving an impact on the purchase decision journey. His diverse experience on working on some of the most iconic brand campaigns translated into a stimulating session for the IITians and left them asking for more. He asserted that the industry has moved beyond the difference of above the line or below and how the client's appetite has evolved to seek a holistic solution.  Apart from sharing some captivating ideation