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GI Barometer: A commentary on macro-economic situation across global Industries

The speaker for the seminar was Satish Rajarathnam, HRBP of Cognizant . The topic for seminar was divided into three heads: Region wise analysis of the world, Political risk at present and vertical view of the financial services. Discussion started with the analysis of the economic condition of various region of the world (US, Euro, UK, Asia). Thereafter, the focus of discussion shifted to contemporary political risks (for example: Brexit, US-China trade war) occurring due to the changing economic condition in various regions and its impact on the Indian economy. Later, there was a brief discussion about various financial services and how they are impacting global economy . Speaker also enlightened us about the three types of disruptions that are essential for the overall development of a company. The three disruptions are as follows: Business Model Disruption, Operating Model Disruption and Technology Model Disruption. Learning: A company must cause disruption in a