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Ms. Mukta Mahajani,Author of Best Seller - "Let’s Talk" speaks on “Negotiation and Communication at Workplace”

For MBA graduates negotiation is a constant part of life, it is a skill which is tested in daily events of business. It was a delight for the MBA students of IITK to have Ms. Mukta Mahajani for a seminar. She has authored a new book – ‘Let’s Talk’ which talks about Negotiation and Communication at workplace. She is an accomplished lawyer, a professional consultant, a writer and a recognized speaker. She started the talk by explaining what is Negotiation, and the significance of these skills in today’s business setting. She explicated this through multiple real workplace scenarios including formal meetings, informal gathering etc. She highlighted the most common mistakes people make while handling uncommon issues and gave valuable suggestions to overcome them. She also talked about cases of conflict situations and offered insightful and practical suggestions to deal with those real life situations.
Ms. Mahajani suggested various negotiation techniques and sub techniques to successfully …