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Mr. Vinay Mishra - Country HR manager of Lexmark India, shares his experiences with MBA students

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them”. Everyone dreams of becoming something big. What matters is how one chooses to do so. The path one chooses. It is this pursuit of greatness that builds character. Perhaps this one liner sums up the message Mr.Vinay Mishra wanted to deliver. On 16 th August 2013 we had the pleasure of hosting the Country HR manager of Lexmark India.    We are the brand ambassadors of IIT Kanpur. We must take pride in this fact and preserve the glory of this institute. All our actions should be governed by a sense of responsibility towards this institute and our family. Striving for excellence and showing maturity and dignity in all aspects of our life- that should be our motto. Learning is the most important activity in our everyday life. Every moment we live adds another feather to our cap of experiences. But as we grow up our inquisitiveness decreases and we begin to justify. That is when ou