May 21, 2012

MBA @ IIT Kanpur: More than just an MBA

The season of summer internship has already started for MBA batch of 2013. All have already joined their respective summer-organizations and seem to be enjoying the work and the change. For some it’s a break from campus life and much awaited break from study. College graduates who don’t take a “working” break and join MBA program find an opportunity to earn their first salary-a beautiful experience which I need not explain for obvious reason.

While the excitement among fresh college graduates about summer internship is understandable, experienced students cannot be left in exception either. They are found equally excited. Perhaps the break from study is the main reason. The formal attires, which feel ignored for a long time, find a chance to breathe in free air; otherwise the formal attires, at least at IITK, become like a bride’s Shadi ka joda which makes special and rare appearance only.

However, when it comes to IIT Kanpur you find an exception. The excitement about summer internship is overshadowed by the feeling of missing the heavenly campus and world class facilities. Testimonials are galore on Facebook. We get struck by IITK-mania and found to be missing IITK all the time, in every activity.


The first week of this month, I would say, was the season of farewell. While 2013 batch left for their summer internship locations, it was time for batch 2012 to say emotional goodbye to IIT Kanpur. I wish I could understand the phase they were going through when they were trying to recapture and relive all the moments lived at IIT Kanpur. They seemed to be wishing for longer days and nights. Here are a few testimonials( compiled from their Facebook posts):

Neha Jha
Sometimes it was tough, sometimes it was fun...learnt a lot of things..made a lot of lifetime friends and experienced a lot of memorable events of my life at IIT Kanpur .... MBA is coming to an end with a new life awaiting which would be very different from the one that I spent here in last 2 years...every moment would be cherished... :)

Snehal Mahajan
One of the best things that happend to me i.e. to be at IIT was really a wonderful journey i must say...though with a pinch of worries, stressful events and challenges to face. This place has given me a new way of looking towards life and the zeal and determination to face all the challenges that come in the way. Made good friends here with whom some memorable moments were spent...nw it feels that 2 years just flew away. This place will be missed like anything...every moment spent here is cherished. "An end of a journey to begin a new one!!"

Itz Pangging
when i met u first i was not in a mood to say that one day i will fall in love with you, but today spending with you two yrs..i came to knw the thought, feeling you have i feel i m in love with you......cannt stop saying i love you..............stay in touch all iitk friends.....& iitk....♥

Nabarun Sengupta
Came to IIT Kanpur 2 years back with a after 2 years, along with an MBA, I have friends for life, amazing mentors and memories of a place truly like paradise..Somewhere in the midst of the fun n games, movies n masti, projects n presentations have become an MBA :)

Paridhi Mutreja
The final week at IIT Kanpur... Almost time to bid adieu to this wonderful place !! Mixed Feelings..

Harshad Nimje
Finally its time to Bid Adieu to this wonderful place on earth called as IIT Kanpur.. Thank you one and everyone who made these two years of life most memorable. These were indeed one of the best days of my life.... :) :)

Aayush Jain
Last 24 hrs in IIT. This place has given me a great educational experience, amazing friends, a great environment, freedom to do whatever I wanted and a brand for life. Will miss this place to the core... and as they say.. "I'll be back" ! :)

Rubal Mehta
Last day at IIT Kanpur . . feels nostalgic sitting in a room I am expected vacate tonight. Two years have been great at this 'next to heaven' place. Lots of experiences and memories being treasured away ... Bid adieu to the hostel life . . Will definitely see you soon IIT Kanpur :)

Vishal Vivek Jacob
Time to say Goodbye to the most amazing 2 yrs of my life......thanks to all my IITK mates who made this experience so wonderful.......I will always cherish these two yrs n will surely miss you all !!!!

Vijay Kibe
I never thought I can miss IITK so much, thanks everyone for making this stay case I have hurt anyone knowingly/unknowingly then my sincere apologies...all the best for your future endeavours, may our paths cross someday...

Prashant Jain
Aaj college chodte hue bada senti senti sa feel ho raha h...:( Taking back a lot of sweet memories....

I, on behalf of MBA batch of 2013, wish all the luck to MBA batch of 2012.
We will miss you. When we return from our summer internship, the campus will not be same in your absence.

Contributed by:
Hitendra Kumar
PR and Media Cell
MBA 2013