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5 Lessons from MBA IIT Kanpur

1.Learning is not confined only to classrooms
As the first semester is over, I realize that apart from classroom subject matter, there are a lot more things that I have learnt here. Learning takes place in almost every aspect of one's life at MBA IIT K.
The induction activities that our seniors conducted before the official start of the semester was a great way to interact with the batch-mates. The group projects and the assignments that followed after the semester began, taught us the art of working productively in teams, time management, importance of feedback and learning while mingling with the people from diverse backgrounds. Every week, we had eminent speakers from various top positions in the corporate world, sharing topics that they were passionate about which helped us to constantly expand our knowledge base into new areas.
2.Be prepared to leave behind your comfortzone
In the class you will be constantly evaluating cases and putting forward your point of view. Everyone …