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  • "A day at a Consulting firm": Mr. Gopesh Mittal, McKinsey

  • Freshers Night 2012



  • Mr. Ravi Santhanam: COO, Vodafone

  • Mr. Asok Chaudhari: CEO, CSX Corporation

  • Mr. Vishal Sharma: Director, Deloitte

  • Mr. Rajat Sharma: Vice President, SBI Caps

  • Mr. Vineet Singhal: Chief Project Manager: IOCL

  • Dr Samiran Chakroboroty: Head Research, Standard Chartered Bank

  • Mr. Jayant Krishna: Principal Consultant, TCS

  • Mr. Ritesh Mukhoti: GM, Glenmark Pharma

  • Mr. Vivek Pandey: GM, Times Group

  • Mr. Srinu Babu Matta: Divisional head, Tata Motors

  • Mr. Anindya Sengupta: Manager, PwC

  • Ms. Shivani Datta: Manager, Ernst & Young

  • Workshops

  • Innovation workshop in association with SIIC & LSE(London School of Economics)

  • Excellence in IT consulting conducted by Principal consultant, TCS

  • Workshop on entrepreneurship and innovation organized by NEN(National Entrepreneurship Network)

  • Workshop on Stock market & equity analysis conducted by Stock Market Institute

  • Data Analytics workshop conducted by Prof. B Chandra (IIT Delhi)
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    The 2018-20 batch, an initiation!

    Time to take a plunge –  2018-2020Batch

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
                                                                                                – Lao Tzu.

    The energy of the Indian subcontinent unified at the gates of IIT Kanpur when we started our much- awaited journey of MBA. The pre-assignments and admission process gave us a much-needed glimpse of life ahead of us. With all glittering hopes, we, the 54 minds embarked on an endeavour to achieve our dreams and here we are, introducing our remarkable 2018-2020 batch with immense pride and responsibility wearing the badge of IIT Kanpur.

    For most of us, who have prior work experience, it is a back to school time and for the rest, it is an aspired path by choice, now that we are in our new home, it is time for us to build an everlasting relationship with our peers and let the world know about us. With the get-up-and-go attitude, the diversity of the 2018-2020 batch is one of a kind with studen…

    Tips from Top, Digital Marketing – A Key Perspective by Mr Vikash Kumar and Mr. Mohit Goel (Trident Ltd)

    Mr Vikash Kumar, Chief Digital Officer at Trident Group India Ltd, visited the IME department at IIT Kanpur along with his colleague Mr Mohit Goel, GM at Digital Trident, on the 3rd of September, 2016. Talking about the changing scenario of digital marketing and the challenges and opportunities that it poses for today’s marketing managers, he shared his insights as the Chief Digital Officer of the textile giant Trident India Ltd, about the marketing and branding strategies being followed in the current scenario.

    Mr Kumar stressed upon keeping the session as informal and interactive as possible, making it into a dialogue rather than a one-way lecture. He started with defining digital marketing as a medium that provides two way flow of information or communication on world wide web. He emphasized on how the rapidly changing world of digital marketing has made textbook knowledge insufficient, and further emphasized the importance of learning on the job, staying unique, and believing in o…

    Inauguration Session - Prabandhan'18

    28th September'18 marked the initiation of the 7th edition of Prabandhan, annual management conclave of DIME, IIT Kanpur, presented by Maruti Suzuki- Way of Life. The opening ceremony began with insightful words by Dr, Amit Shukla, faculty coordinator for Prabandhan, followed by a short address by Dr Deblina Chatterjee.
    This event was marked by the presence of Dr Tapan Sahoo, Senior Vice President (Engineering, Design, R&D), Maruti Suzuki- Way of Life. He shared his perceptive thoughts on "Sustainability and Innovation: An auto industry Perspective". His thoughts VUCA world struck a chord with students which shows two sides of the same coin - "Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity" or "Vision, Understanding, Clarity, Agility". He shed light on various core values and core philosophy that act as a pillar for sustainability in the automobile industry, notable ones being, customer obsession, innovation, networking and learning. One has to b…