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TIPS FROM TOP -"B2B Marketing in Telecom Sector" - By Mr Anurag Joshi, Head - Global channels and Business Development, Bharti Airtel

On 9th Feb’19, we were honoured to have Mr Anurag Joshi, Head - Global channels and Business Development,  Bharti Airtel for a guest lecture on B2B marketing in the Telecom sector. He is a Sales and Business Development professional and has experience with assignments in new geographies and developing existing business revenue streams. He has worked in areas of Sales and Business Development, Partner Relations and Alliances, Joint-Go-to-Market, Product Marketing and Product Development/Management with explosive growth mandate.

He initiated discussion by learning about the expectations of the crowd. He gave a brief introduction of his corporate journey so far and how fulfilling his job in sales and marketing has been so far. He explained different services like Data Centre and cloud, IOT, Enterprise Mobility, UCS, Cyber Security, and Connectivity. Further, he went on to describe different segments in telecom such as infrastructure, equipment, and services using real-time examples.

He moved on to the wholesale segment of the Telecom segment which has a vast market. Here deals are made between the providers of the services. We were explained about how competitor dynamics vary in contrast to fierce competition at the enterprise level. They can buy bandwidth and cables of each other which are in excess capacity for one of them. Bharti Airtel has different products in its portfolio like PoPs, Cables, satellite, fibre, data centres, voice, and mobile, etc.  which it provides to its wholesale market.

He then went on to explain the scope of B2B services at the global stage with a particular focus on India and its equation with developed countries. The uses of satellites and wireless to engage the geographically remote location was well explained.  The evolution of the telecom sector was exemplified using Airtel advertisements with specifics of cables laid and fibre connectivity.

The highly informative session helped us discover how quality, scalability, reliability, availability, and continuity impacts the business choices. He concluded the seminar by elaborating on how global partnerships of Airtel can be leveraged to gain a customer base and outperform competitors.

We are extremely thankful to Mr Anurag Joshi for the commendable knowledge sharing session.


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