Sep 1, 2011

Latest edition of monthly IIT Kanpur e-Newsletter: Avant Garde is out!!!

Well, the wait is over... The “team” is out there with a fantastic September edition of IIT Kanpur e-Newsletter: Avant Garde

The world has been witnessing change of late in the form of Jasmine revolution, Wiki-leaks, Japan’s crisis and several other events of big and small scales... India also saw, and continues to see, a “change” in mindset against corruption... and so “the change” has not been elusive to Avant Garde as well.

Avant Garde, with few new enthusiastic and energetic editors and equally ecstatic contributors, looks at its new level in this edition. The articles on Hero-Honda split, technological revolution of tablet-pc, and change in attitude of people toward corruption by MBA 1st year students; insight into Strategic Process Improvements in Internal Operations‘ (Apollo Health Street) by Nabarun Sengupta (MBA 2nd year) truly exemplify the theme of this edition: “Change: the eternal constant”.

I, personally as well as on behalf of PR and media cell, congratulate the Avant Garde team for bringing forth such a fantastic issue and hope that all of you enjoy reading this edition.

Avant Garde can be reached at:

Happy reading :)

Hitendra Kumar
PR and Media Cell
MBA 1st year, IIT Kanpur

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